Academic essay structure this is a different structure than the structure of a short story or the structure of a legal piece of writing okay or a legal analysis so for example when I was in law school we learned in the Iraq formula issue rule analysis conclusion for every single a paragraph you’re supposed to spot the issues that were involved give the rule of law then analyze the situation and offer a conclusion all right that has a the legal format attached to it that is not the academic essay format so for the academic essay there are there’s first of the introductory structure all right and I am using this reverse pyramid to show you what you are supposed to do in an introduction for an academic essay right now note here it starts off broadly and then narrows down to a specific point so I’ll write that down here okay you start with a broad idea okay all right.

Of course that broad idea should be somewhat related to your thesis because your introducing your thesis that is the point of the introduction okay by the end of this end you can imagine that each one of these lines represents a sentence okay you go abroad and you whittle down by the time you finish that first paragraph you should have here at the end your thesis statement okay and what is a thesis a thesis is a specific and significant assertion you want to make sure that your thesis is specific if you write a thesis that is too broad the problem will be that you are promising too much you will not be able to fulfill that thesis if you write a nice narrow thesis you are giving much more focus to you and to your reader all right this thesis is a promise that this is what you will discuss and this is what you will prove in your essay it should be significant no one wants to read mundane cliches make sure that it’s interesting thought-provoking all right.

It’s an assertion it’s an assertion so note that a thesis cannot be a question okay it is an assertion and declaration all right now we’re going to go further into these the structure here the body paragraphs do not follow this introductory inverted pyramid style the topic I’m sorry the body paragraphs follow a traditional pyramid style okay all right and what you have here is you have topic sentences that start on each one of the paragraphs okay all right so this is your unifying principle for each particular paragraph the topic sentence has two functions it goes backwards each one of these topic sentences goes backwards okay it moves backwards in that it is proving part of the thesis no individual topic sentence can prove the entire thesis it also has another job the other job that it does is that the topic sentence is the point that you are promising that will be discussed in each particular paragraph all right and so they are moving forward.

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