You want to make sure that you you show that you are authentic that you your personality comes across that’s helpful but you don’t want to be so creative that it seems unrealistic or that you’re providing too many details yeah there’s a fine line but you do want to make sure that you come across is a unique individual you also don’t want to make something that’s so obtuse that can’t be understood sometimes sometimes creativity comes there are some billboards near me that I haven’t a clue what that billboard is supposed to be selling that that might be very creative but it’s not love doing anybody any good and I just want to mention that stories are a very effective approach to writing and conveying information in a distinctive and authentic way. Get to know more about application interviews on Robotdon.

So that’s something to keep in mind and they can and on one hand stories are as old as man and on the other hand we even beings do love stories love a good story so keep that in mind in terms of keeping your creativity effective and accessible at the same time for questions like would your parents professions creative the questions like questions that you know describe any significant accomplishments or describe your most significant accomplishment definitely that’s an invitation to tell a story about something that is meaningful to you that you’ve accomplished that you know will convey always you know the underlining question is why medicine that’s going to convey your your interest in medicine so definitely yeah tell your story I think that’s wonderful advice I just want to clarify that but when I’m saying tell a story use a story I mean that in the sense of an anecdote about a true event I don’t mean a story is and that’s a time in a fairy tale okay not what I mean but I’m pretty sure that my songs on right right right right right let’s see there are a lot of questions coming and I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t you’re close to the end efficient just finish and then I open it up for questions because we could just do them and they’re good questions coming in.

So maybe we should okay so the next step in the application process it just all goes well you may be invited to interview anytime between August and April depending on when you submitted your ham cast application and the schools that you’re applying to because they’ll all have different dates and you can often find those on the website or on our blogs about the secondary applications so rolling admissions begins around October and ends as late as August for some schools and most medical schools begin classes anywhere between July and September so it’s possible that you could be put on the waiting list and be asked to attend classes you know two weeks later so I’ve had that happen to students where they think oh they’re not they’re just not going to hear from the school they’re waiting waiting and then they get an acceptance at the last minute and they have one week or two weeks to get to the campus and to plan the rest of their life basically.

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