Don Laughlin’s Boxmasters – Cabo Grande Resort Hotel & Casino

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Don Laughlin’s Boxmasters – Cabo Grande Resort Hotel & Casino

I remember this amazing TV show called the Boxmasters when I was a kid. It was on in syndication for years. Don Laughlin and his “dream team” of wrestling champions including Johnny Grunge, AL Brinkley, Blondie and others dominated that television series.

The show starred Don Laughlin, his son, Danny, AL Brinkley, Frank Gough, Kenny Thomas, Jesse Duplantis, Frankie Kmetz, Sonny Trout, Mark Fischer, Bill Bucco, Tony Candido, Steve Redgrave, Don Inman, Rob Capriati, Dave Blumberg, Marc Bonderman, Mario De Carlo, Barry Johnson, Ray Eustace, Joe Magwier, Bob Verdean, Lew Bartlett and Don Laughlin Jr. They would perform old wrestling matches in front of their home fans in this Cabo television show. The show is still performed by Don Laughlin today. People all over the world watch that television show.

I love this show, and it continues to make me smile every time I see one of their old matches. As a matter of fact, when I was doing research on the Cabo Grand Hotel & Casino last year, I got an e-mail from one of the people who owns that casino, who said he was going to buy Don Laughlin’s license to use his old wrestling theme song, and he gave me permission to post his e-mail on my website. Here is what he said: “Hi Art,

Thanks for taking the time to e-mail me and letting me know about the Don Licklin’s Resort Hotel & Casino on the west coast of Mexico. I have talked with Don and asked him to please use “The Boxmasters Theme” from our Cabo Grande hotel as the music for our audio equipment for one of our live events next month, to be held at the Cabo Grand Hotel & Casino on April 7.

While we are working on a deal, I thought you might like to know about Don’s fondness for the “Boxmasters” theme song. Indeed, I do, and I am sure you will enjoy the special opportunity of being able to watch Don and his men perform his match, “The Match Of The Century,” at the Cabo Grand Hotel & Casino in Cabo.” And I would bet he has fun doing it. I think he and his family are enjoying it so much that they will return next year for another performance.

One of the best parts of the show is that we have a live audience and the crowd gets a great deal of excitement whenever the wrestlers are on the stage performing their match. It’s a great way to attract a great number of viewers and it can help us create more business for Cabo Grande as well.

In addition, I’ll also send you some pictures of Don and the crew performing at the Cabo Grand Hotel & Casino at the end of April. I know he is looking forward to that too, because he said he had been told the crowd will be bigger than it is when he performs at the other casinos in Cabo. I think you’ll agree that he is right.

So, if you’ve never seen these guys wrestle before, or if you have never seen Don Laughlin and the men he has on stage before, you really owe it to yourself to go down to the Cabo Grand and check them out. It would be like seeing one of your favorite rock stars in a live concert. They are the real deal. Watch them in Cabo Grande!