Visit The Riviera For A Great Time At The River Town Casino

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Visit The Riviera For A Great Time At The River Town Casino

Riverside Resort and Casino is the place for you to truly relax and enjoy a game of blackjack, poker or casino action. With a variety of slot machines, table games and a full-service bar you will never run out of fun.

Casino drink specials and dinner specials are available for all game nights. The space used for the casino is elegant and welcoming. Exotic Roman blinds on the front door of the casino provides a cool and private atmosphere for those wishing to sit back and relax.

Before the casino opens for play, you will find a special on-site shop dedicated to making you feel like a real Vegas casino veteran. A complete gaming shop with a host of electronic and coin slot machines and bar equipment will allow you to keep your favorite game going even if you are not in the casino.

The River Town Casino and its surroundings are completely connected by underground tunnels. There is also a private indoor hot tub available for guests. The rooms in the casino are comfortable and the comfort is in your hands.

The Riviera Hotel and Casino provide many personal services as well. The concierge will assist you in finding any kind of service needed for any occasion.

Special events can be booked to benefit certain charities at the River Town Casino. Not only are the casino the best in Las Vegas but it is also the perfect choice for making a first impression.

Whether you are having your first blackjack game or your twentieth; The Riviera Hotel and Casino can be found to meet your needs. You are sure to find the best slot machine or blackjack table, the best nightlife and the most comfortable rooms to make you a permanent Las Vegas house or once you leave it you will go back to your favorite spot for relaxation.