What You Should Know About the Tropicana Resort Hotel and Casino

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What You Should Know About the Tropicana Resort Hotel and Casino

If you want to experience the Tropicana Paradise City Resort Hotel & Casino in West Palm Beach, Florida, then you’re in luck! With an excellent reputation as one of the finest five-star hotels in the world, the Tropicana has been voted the Best Resorts by Travel + Leisure magazine since it opened its doors in March of 2020. A few factors contribute to the Holiday Inn’s great popularity among vacationers and casino lovers alike. Let’s take a look at how some of the best-loved Tropicana properties stack up against other leading five-star hotels in the country.

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The first thing you have to know is that plenty of places, not just hotel rooms, are not that big a deal. If you’re looking for everything from top-flight restaurants to casino table, restaurants can be easily found in lots of locations. For instance, the newest three-star Pine Bar & Grill, on the second floor of the Sofitel West Palm Beach Hotel and Casino, offers dining facilities like a bar, poker tables, a gaming lounge, and a rooftop bar for entertaining.

Once you’ve tried out all these different venues, you’ll see why you need to stay at a five-star hotel. Here’s a list of several other hotel choices you may want to try out before making your final decision. First, if you’re heading down to St. John’s, Neptune Beach, the Hurrah Club at Rainbow Lagoon Village, or even the newest Downtown Grand, you’ve got the chance to dine on fine food and room service. While dining, visit the casino and play a round or two of billiards, or enjoy your time in the pool.

But perhaps the top-rated three-star hotels are also great for high end hotels as well. In fact, there are even a couple of top-ten five-star hotels in the country that you can choose from. Such hotels include the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Melbourne and The Conrad Hotel in Miami.

For example, the Diamond Head Hotel and Casino in Waikiki provide a totally exciting environment where you can drink wine and eat what you like with an outdoor bar for dining. But if you’re still in search of a place to stay near an arcade, check out Ocean Drive in Jacksonville or Sunset Park near Miami. Two of the most famous five-star hotels around the country provide ample options for gamblers.

Don’t miss this! Just think about it, some of the most highly-rated five-star hotels in the country are located in rural areas. Think about that when you visit the Tropicana and be amazed by its size and location.