How you want to write your essay keeping it simple is very important when it comes to an essay concise senses are key to a good essay writing these long sentences that go on and on not only are very difficult to read they’re also usually pretty boring to read or very frustrating for admissions counselors to read trying to fit much into one sentence can confuse the reader again going back as if you’re unsure about the words meaning and that it works well in the sentence use another word even if it’s a really short word that you don’t think sounds great enough I don’t know it much rather that you use shorter words that you know what they mean again. Check out articles about essay style at Edusson.

Some other tips here another requirement of the essay that you’re writing this comes back to you know what we talked about earlier if it’s a you know a 2000 amazing 2001 essay is a bad essay if the requirement is 500 to a thousand words the inability for basic directions outweighs the greatness of your work you know if I don’t think you can you know you at least took the time to see how many words you were supposed to write and we’re able to meet the requirement that’s gonna cap negatively against you the best essay is an essay that shows you can do what you are asked to do some other helpful hints take breaks it is not a race you don’t have to do it necessarily all in one sitting and we’re gonna recommend that you don’t do it all in one sitting I’ll come back to the essay when one of the commentators are you well-rested I’ve seen students who start this late at night because they you know have you know studying so much to do after school and they’re exhausted when they’re writing this essay and then half falling asleep I gotta get it done.

I get it don’t think I get done a lot of times you know wake in the morning go back and look at that essay and it’s not gonna be particularly good work so if you’re not well-rested you know don’t force yourself don’t get through the entire essay once take a break walk away or come back the next day when you’re a little fresher and take a look at it again very important and then this is you know something I think that we all struggle with because you need that I’m gonna do this and it’s not necessarily something easy to find but having someone else proofread it whenever you can is a great thing when I say that though I do want to mention that does not mean they write it for you but you know it’s your writing you know when you’re reading over your own writing you’re gonna have tendency just that you know the here in your head how you think it sounds when it might actually not be coming off that way to the reader.

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